Transgressors, both finding seas

And oceans to live harmoniously,

Potato chips and blackened sauce

With a taste of whiskey of 1979

And some ways of gruesome,

Curiosity is not positive

Then over and over

You will ask God

Gestures didn’t mind the universe

Millions of queries fight each one

Then ambivalence endured hostility

Psycho-sexual abnormality is caused

Of parent-child desirable

To discharge the weakness

But unluckily devastated

Situating the status quo

Blaming ones who made it

Big word gone worse than beard

Because we are nymphs

Likely to engage with lust

With love until thy seals’ broken

Accused us —————–sodomy?

 “Where is the condom?”

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Stand firm
You’re strong within
Winds may be irritating
Just stand firm
‘Cause your body is a dungeon
Of muscular tightly holding
Of cells fighting against dolls
Of senses becoming fairytale sparrow
And of hands and feet that bathing orbs
Stand firm.

When the stars cry, don’t wish upon
It cannot be good to depend on flying
Like you’re undeniably changing to Jack
And if it’ll the ground or the ocean
Stay calm.

When a ghost is around you
Deny its existence, close your eyes
Seeing black world is  mentholizing
If he touches, scream like your obssessed
To every worrying killers
You might scare them or cry them
At the end, stand firm, stand firm.


Some Men Were Bees

Untied Human

Sweaty part of petals
Where we avoid radical peace
And patience indeed
We just stab or even we sting
No desistance occurs

At the rose’s braced linings
We dream of cornucopia
Until one of us deceived
Took all its young abundance
And damn! I’m still on dreaming..

Then there’s big sun-like
Big black with darken seedlings
And a yellow like-guardians around
Thought that we only played them.
We let one produce…nevermind.

And a perennial stemmed daisy
Some say a herb or procurement
We say no because we quarrel
We curse everyone to carry out, carry in
We lock up with our hair, but they cheat later’s sin.

Bees buzzed like people
But people buzzed not like bees
Difference was the former’s contentment
It’s infinite and immortal to around
Bees did desire, yet we couldnt survive.

Happines is no where if you cornered
All the things that’d make you happy
It’s not right to get them all as one
You will feel like useless pearls of the orient
All bursts to nothing under its horizon

Believe that bees fly for a velvetic purpose
We fly for a purpose too
To boast through sipping nectars
To hyper things the ground of force
Again, they fly, us, we grind!

All those flowers or nectars or fluids or petals or pollen
Bees attached thereto.
People now question.
Why we cant be like them
Bees buzz…now…people better shut up!

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